About Me

Young Sian My name is Sian and I live in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

I’ve been on the ‘Net since 1996 chugging along using my 33.6 modem. Since then my interests have developed into webpages and blogs, online games and digital photography. My offline hobby’s include teaching piano, reading, films, social networking, technology and music.

My first website www.webdiva.co.uk has been offline for some time since I caught the World of Warcraft bug and most likely will end up being transferred to here.

You can find me on twitter, flickr and msn if you ask nicely 🙂

In World of Warcraft I have a number of characters. My main is Daelyn, a Gnome Warlock and my main alt is Raislyn, a Night Elf Druid. I play on Thunderhorn EU.

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