Athene on way his to to raising $1 million

AthenePro gamer Boumazza Bashir better known as Athene has set a tall goal. He intends to reach $1 million in donations though his gaming livestream at Against all the odds Athene hopes to reach his goal during a livestream at Dreamhack this evening.

“Millions of people, most of them innocent children, are at risk in the Horn of Africa due to the worst hunger crisis in 60 years. The Internet has come to a point where when we simply collectively reach out for what we think is right, real change often follows.

You can join Operation ShareCraft and add your own voice to the campaign. I can’t raise one million dollars on my own, but together we can.”


Nintendo Wii U

There’s quite a buzz about the Nintendo Wii U which featured in E3. I’m not sure that it’s something that I’d be rushing to the shops for. Saying that, if it follows in the Wii’s footsteps then it will be a must have product

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